Hug Day Tips ( 59 )

Hug Day Tips

Language of signs is both fascinating and revealing. Perhaps one of the most interesting set of signs is the different kind of hugs we can offer to someone. Before hug day arrives, let’s find out the ways we can employ to give hugs to our loved ones:

  • The Protector: This hug is all about the sense of security. In this type of hug, a person wraps his arms around someone’s waist from behind in a way as if he is protecting the person in front. This hug shows that incredible trust prevails in a relationship and taking care of one another is the goal.
  • The Slow Dance: This hug is all about romance. In this, generally men wrap their arms around their lover’s waist while women wrap their arms around their partner’s neck.
  • The Deadlock: This is a body crushing hug in which partners intertwine themselves as tightly as they can, squeezing out the air between them.
  • The Reach Around: This hug is for partners in crime. In this type of hug, a person puts his/her single arm around the other person’s shoulder for a kind of half-hug.

Well, there are many more types of hugs that you can offer to someone. Choose any hug from the above, for example – if you want to hug a close friend or colleague, you can select The Reach Around hug. If you are a girl and want to give a hug to your lover, you can choose The Slow Dance or The Deadlock. If you want to know more kinds of hugs and also tricks for hug day, follow this section. Here, we have presented the best hug day tips just for you.

Read all these hug day tips and employ your favorite ones to celebrate hug day with people you love and care for. 



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