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What is your favorite thing about your girlfriend?

Aaron Williams
December 8, 2017

18 Answers

My girlfriend is my lifeline. Everything about her is my favorite thing. The way she cares for me, she fights with me for silly things. Spending every moment with her is really worth a fortune. She is beautiful, smart, tough and funny. She makes me smile every time, cheers me up. She is a friend to whom I never want to lose. I am not able to write this down in words. She is a precious gem of my life.

What are some tips for guys on the first date?

Aaron Williams
December 6, 2017

13 Answers

Congratulations!! You got some courage to ask that gorgeous girl out, now you want to go out with her on first date. Now you don’t want it to be just one date you want to turn this in second, third and want to keep her around. Most important thing is be patient, don’t be in hurry. Don’t act like cool dude. Be casual, be smart. Don’t show you are over possessive over protective. Just be simple and make her comfortable around your company. If you don’t know each other well, then invite her to a local coffee shop or some public place where you both can have some time to yourself that leads to conversation. Conversation is the most important thing on very first date. Try your best to listen to her and respond accordingly. Best wishes on your first date.