Is getting married or divorcing really worth it?

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Narender Dhiman

19 Answers

A marriage is a social and ritually recognized union between two people as partners in a personal relationship. Marriage is a social enigma and legal contract between two people that unites their lives legally, emotionally and economically. Through thick and thin they proposed wows to live together until they die or they decide to divorce. Of course getting married is worth it, You meet Mr. /Ms. Right and you felt like yes he/she is the one and your gut says ‘I want to spend rest of my life with this person’. Two individuals who has feeling and emotions for each other, they tie the knots which last forever. Yes, sometime after marriage or spending time together one realize they cannot live under one roof. Then things change. That’s the bitter part of life. If you are not in love with other person, you can’t spend rest of your life together. This leads to divorce. Which ruins their and children’s life. Getting married is really worth it. But conversely divorcing is bitter part.