Is marriage compulsory or necessary in life after being in love with someone ? Why ?

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Rupesh Khanna

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Nuzhat Sayyed

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ek siddhi saadhi ladki

Simran Rathod

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You love someone and want to live with her to the rest of your life. You can live together but it is against society. As society demands if two opposite genders are living together they must follow all the rules of society. Marriage is one of them. If you don’t care about societal norms you can live and enjoy rest of your mortal life happily.

Rupesh Khanna

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If you are in love and want to spend rest of your life with the same person then it’s a social norm to perform ritual of marriage. As living in a society one need to perform all the societal norms. Marriage is one of the so called societal norms. This has to perform if you want to live together.