Saima Roy
March 2, 2018 | Love

What i s love

Shreya Dhal
March 6, 2018

Love is a feeling, we cannot express in words. Love is everything but nothing. Love is those moment which are filled with warmth in the heart, its moment of selflessness and moment of magic.


Sushil Gehlot
March 2, 2018 | Love

What is Love

Rupesh Khanna
March 6, 2018

love is a feeling which gives you goosebumps you can not express in words. :)



Best friend ke ki love kora jay I m really love my best friend. take kivabe bolbo bujte parci na jdi best friend k harai?

Bicky Roy
February 13, 2018

best friend ke love kora jay na but love na korle best friend hoy na best friend k amr shudhu mone theke love korte pari bayre theke noiii


Lokesh Seth
February 10, 2018 | Love

Why i am so sad

Sadiq Mohammad
March 14, 2018

It is fall in love like unnadi okate Zindagi


Cricketer Siddiqui
February 7, 2018 | Love

Never give up

Rupesh Khanna
February 7, 2018

You never know how close you are to success if you quit now. Never give up on your dreams. Keep your focus on the end result you will get it at the end. Never give up!


Brittany Sharp
February 4, 2018 | Love

I m trying to write a valentines love letter and romantic love letter to my boyfriend

Simran Rathod
February 5, 2018

I found irresistible love letter here....


Shahzad Jani
February 1, 2018 | Love

Why people dont feel the happiness of real love?

Nidhi Gupta
February 1, 2018

This can be a contradictory statement. But true! Sometime it feels you are out of this world on the other hand sometimes it feels like no one care.


Mustak Khan
January 31, 2018 | Love

i love you jaan

Parul Sharma
February 1, 2018

Do you want to know about love?


Akshay Sharma
December 29, 2017 | Love

How are you planning to celebrate this new years eve?

Sumit Nagpal
January 30, 2018

Dinner with my family


Parul Sharma
December 5, 2017 | Love

Does true love exist?

Sunita Sagar
December 6, 2017

Yes of course, it does. True love does exist. Love is just not a word; it’s feeling between two human beings. How you feel about other human beings. Love can be in any form, mother’s love, sister’s love brother’s love or your partner’s love. The right way how to love, is not "having" the other one, it is "being" with him/her and letting them be free as well.