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In relationship sex is important or not ?

Narender Dhiman
February 14, 2018

40 Answers

Jism ki bhukh hai aur isske siwa kuch bhi nahi, .... Nazar Kahin Bhi Jaye Teri Soorat K Siva Kuch Nahin

Never give up

Narender Dhiman
February 7, 2018

30 Answers

All these videos are on motivating and inspiring. I like these videos. Check out for inspiration videos----

Is getting married or divorcing really worth it?

Narender Dhiman
December 8, 2017

19 Answers

A marriage is a social and ritually recognized union between two people as partners in a personal relationship. Marriage is a social enigma and legal contract between two people that unites their lives legally, emotionally and economically. Through thick and thin they proposed wows to live together until they die or they decide to divorce. Of course getting married is worth it, You meet Mr. /Ms. Right and you felt like yes he/she is the one and your gut says ‘I want to spend rest of my life with this person’. Two individuals who has feeling and emotions for each other, they tie the knots which last forever. Yes, sometime after marriage or spending time together one realize they cannot live under one roof. Then things change. That’s the bitter part of life. If you are not in love with other person, you can’t spend rest of your life together. This leads to divorce. Which ruins their and children’s life. Getting married is really worth it. But conversely divorcing is bitter part.

Why Sex is important for long lasting relationship

Narender Dhiman
December 7, 2017

17 Answers

Sex is important for long lasting relationship. Apart from reproduction of new life, sex is important for so many reasons in a committed and loving relationship. It’s all about pleasure, sexual expression and intimacy. Sex has so many positive healths, physical, intellectual social and emotional benefits. Not only understanding these benefits will helps couples identify that it will bond their relationship more and it will create deeper sense of intimacy and pleasure in a loving and long lasting relationship. Weather this is a long term relationship or you just starting out; sex is important aspect to consider for your overall health.

how important is sex in a marriage?

Narender Dhiman
December 6, 2017

12 Answers

Yes it is! Sex is one of the most important aspects of married life. This is the only and unique thing you share with your spouse that you don’t share with anyone else. So, I think sex is the only thing that sets you and your partner apart from simply being just roommates. It’s a vital part of marriage. Sex requires a deeper level of understanding between you and your partner that you won’t do normally with anyone. It requires you to understand each other feelings, give time to each other talk to each other about emotional and intimate things. For example, to have a intimate experience with your spouse, you need to tell each other where to touch each other and make request for certain things. This thing only happens when you are comfortable with your spouse, and you the experience you never felt with anyone else before. It requires you to reach a deeper level of trust with each other and you both respond to each other’s request without judgment. So, all in all sex I very important thing in happy married life.