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i love you jaan

Parul Sharma
February 1, 2018

26 Answers

Do you want to know about love?

What is the best way to forget about a past having to do with affair or or being mistreated in a state of love?

Parul Sharma
December 8, 2017

21 Answers

What is done cannot be changed. Best way to forget about past relationship is to move on in your life and be happy. This statement seems very simple but hard to implement. It is a pointless exercise to keep pondering over past mistakes. I know all of this is easier said than done. You are not the only one in this grieving phase. It is not new or abnormal. Actually no one cares other than your true friends. They will try to cheer you up; make you go to places with them. With someone true support you will be able to forget about everything and you have new prospective to live your new life.

What is love?

Parul Sharma
December 7, 2017

15 Answers

Love!! Love is a very small letter, but one cannot define it in words. It’s a feeling which you cannot describe in words. It is all about your expressions and care about your partner or anyone to whom you are emotionally attached. Love is a very powerful emotion in human life and one can experience. But the strange thing is that nobody knows what love is. Love is everywhere but nowhere. We human beings are surrounded by love. If you care about your child it mother’s love, care about your partner, and care about your friends. Love can be in any form. We human being cannot express love in words or penned it down in any book. Love is a strong human emotion which is beyond understanding. Your comments are appreciated.

Do you regret your marriage, and why?

Parul Sharma
December 6, 2017

11 Answers

Oh yes! Every single day. It was an arrange marriage and I had no idea with whom I am going to spend my whole life. So anyways for my parents sake I married that guy. But after some time I realized, I am not able to spend rest of my life with him. Because of his lies, selfishness, lack of love and his greed surfaced, it’s hard for me to stay under one roof with him. I talked to my parents, but they were against the divorce. But I was not able to live with him, because I had made my mind to leave his house and him. So, without anyone’s support I filed a divorce and we separated soon after. Happily living single life now :).