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love to travel, fitness, extreme sports lover


Master : Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad


business administrator : IBM India

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what can i say for the first time if l see a ladies that i really inspires a lot?

Rupesh Khanna
March 6, 2018

61 Answers

Go and tell her, you really like her. Have a very soft conversation with her.

Is sex is important in Love life ?

Rupesh Khanna
March 6, 2018

60 Answers

Apart from reproduction, sex is important in a relationship. Understanding these benefits will help couples recognize that sex will help bond your relationship further and create a deeper sense of intimacy in a loving relationship.

What is my first Letter of love?

Rupesh Khanna
March 6, 2018

59 Answers

For all love related letters ---->

Kis kis ko viswas hai ki dil se payar karne walo ko kbi dhoka nhi milta

Rupesh Khanna
March 6, 2018

57 Answers

dil se pyar karte ho to dhoke ka matlab hi nahi

What is Love

Rupesh Khanna
March 6, 2018

56 Answers

love is a feeling which gives you goosebumps you can not express in words. :)

What is the name of my first love

Rupesh Khanna
March 6, 2018

54 Answers

Jannu :)

Is marriage compulsory or necessary in life after being in love with someone ? Why ?

Rupesh Khanna
February 8, 2018

34 Answers

If you are in love and want to spend rest of your life with the same person then it’s a social norm to perform ritual of marriage. As living in a society one need to perform all the societal norms. Marriage is one of the so called societal norms. This has to perform if you want to live together.

Never give up

Rupesh Khanna
February 7, 2018

31 Answers

You never know how close you are to success if you quit now. Never give up on your dreams. Keep your focus on the end result you will get it at the end. Never give up!

i love you jaan

Rupesh Khanna
February 1, 2018

25 Answers

Is it a question or answer? And for whom

Is it hard to make long distance relationships last?

Rupesh Khanna
December 7, 2017

14 Answers

Yes, it can be hard if you are not in love. If you love your partner then it is not hard to maintain a relationship weather you are living in the same room or you are thousands of miles apart. Distant should not ruin your relationship. If you really love someone and you want commitment, than with the right commitment and communication you can make it stable. Just adjust your attitude and lifestyle accordingly, and you will be able to work it out.