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I m trying to write a valentines love letter and romantic love letter to my boyfriend

Sunita Sagar
February 5, 2018

27 Answers

Hi, you can find multiple love letter here....

How hard is it for a brown guy to marry a white girl and live in India?

Sunita Sagar
December 8, 2017

20 Answers

If we talk about past scenario then I must say it was really hard for a brown guy to marry a white girl (foreign national) and lives in India. In India society see you differently if you are marrying a white girl. They will give smile to the girl even try to flirt with her, but they will give strange look to the guy. It will be tough for a white girl to cope with the societal norms. Now, scenario is changing in India. If you are an Indian and marrying a white girl; it will not raise eyebrows. Society will accept your decision. And at the end of the day no one cares what other person is doing in his life. Everyone is busy in their own. Now, scenario is positive .

How can you define friendship and love?

Sunita Sagar
December 7, 2017

16 Answers

Is there any definition for friendship or love!!!!! Both are human emotions. We cannot penned down friendship and love in words. Friendship is mere companionship or bonding of two or more person when they discover that they have in common some interest or even taste till the time each believe to be his own unique treasure. The classic expression of opening friendship would be like, ‘Yes, what? You too like this?’ I thought I was the only one. Lovers are always talking to one another about their love, on the other hand friends hardy ever talked about their friendship. Lovers are normally/usually face to face, absorb in each other; on the other hand friends, they are always side by side and absorb in some common interest. Your valuable comments are really appreciated.

Does true love exist?

Sunita Sagar
December 6, 2017

10 Answers

Yes of course, it does. True love does exist. Love is just not a word; it’s feeling between two human beings. How you feel about other human beings. Love can be in any form, mother’s love, sister’s love brother’s love or your partner’s love. The right way how to love, is not "having" the other one, it is "being" with him/her and letting them be free as well.