Propose Status For Whatsapp ( 53 )

Propose Status For Whatsapp

WhatsApp is all the rage these days! With more than 50 million active users, this social networking application has become an incredible medium to stay in touch with the world. Today, everyone prefers sending messages through WhatsApp than via SMS. Not only this app is used for simple messaging, it is also employed to share photos, videos and other stuff. One feature of this messenger app that is used by almost every user is WhatsApp Status. Nowadays, every single person puts a message on the status bar to show his/her current state of mind. Although the status feature of the app was originally launched to indicate what a person is doing at a given moment, today people set the status message according to their mood.

How about taking advantage of this power packed application on propose day? Didn’t get us? Wait, we will explain! As you know that a WhatsApp status message conveys what’s going in your mind at a given time, you can use it to display your emotions to someone you are planning to propose. Set a lovely propose day WhatsApp status on your status bar to express your feelings to your dream man or woman. This way of proposing is great for someone who cannot propose someone directly. So, if you are shy in nature, but still want to propose your crush, do it by means of a propose day WhatsApp status. If you are committed, you can still set a proposal message on your status bar to propose your partner once again. Doing this will show your darling that you are still trying to win him/her even you have got him/her.

Take help of propose day WhatsApp statuses given here and select the right one to get your work done on propose day. Best of luck! Have fun!


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