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Valentine Status For Whatsapp

Valentine Day WhatsApp Status

Valentine’s Day or simply V-day is the most awaited day for love birds. This day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day and is celebrated on February 14 all across the globe. In India, this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Though there are some people who see Valentine’s Day as a western import and hesitate to celebrate it, but there exists a major section who loves the feeling behind this romantic festival. According to them, this day signifies love - a day when citizens can express their love and affection for others.

Well on Valentine’s Day, restaurants, pubs, pizza parlours, discos, and shopping malls see a particularly busy time as love birds cherish their togetherness. Lovers exchange greeting cards, flowers, candies, chocolates etc. to express feelings for each other. Many people propose their dream men/women on this romantic day. They utilize special gifts to impress their sweethearts and to get a ‘yes’ from their side. Not only couples, friends also exchange gifts with each other so as to strengthen their bond.

So, get ready to celebrate V-day with your loved ones on 14th of February. No matter with whom you celebrate this occasion, make sure to pamper that person with a special gift. Also, don’t forget to set a lovely Valentine Day WhatsApp Status on your profile. By putting such message on your status bar, you can easily show off your romantic side to people in your contact list.

To let you put the best Valentine Day WhatsApp Status, we are here to help. This section will offer you some of the greatest messages related to V-day. Pick your favorite message and set it on your status bar on Feb 14. No matter whether you want to dedicate a message to your sweetheart, friend or need a general Valentine’s Day status, our section has got you covered!

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